Terms and Conditions

General conditions

These purchase and sale conditions (hereinafter referred to as the conditions) of Robus Athletic OÜ, registry code 16009345, (hereinafter referred to as ROBUS), apply to all private individuals (hereinafter referred to as the Buyer) who purchase goods or order services via the ROBUS online store (hereinafter e-store).

By paying for the order on this page, the Buyer confirms his acceptance of these General Terms and Conditions.

ROBUS reserves the right to change or supplement the terms and conditions and the price list without prior notice. These changes and additions will be announced at www.robusathletic.com. and shall take effect upon publication.

All personal data of the Buyer that has become known during the visit to the ROBUS e-store and the performance of purchases are confidential. By entering data in the e-shop, the Buyer grants the right to collect and process the Buyer’s personal data (company name, name, contact telephone number, delivery and/or registration address, e-mail address, etc.) and forward the Buyer’s personal data to the person delivering the goods. In addition, the Buyer confirms that ROBUS may publicly display the customer’s first name and the names of the ordered goods on its website within 24 hours of the order data in order to inform other customers about recent sales. If the client does not wish to have his/her first name published, the initials or other name may be used as a substitute in the first name field. The encrypted data communication channel with the Payment Center ensures the security of the Buyer’s personal data and bank details, ROBUS does not have access to them.

ROBUS has the right to use the Buyer’s delivery and/or registration address to send advertising and other information about its products and services no more than 4 times a month by e-mail. The buyer can refuse the emails by clicking on the corresponding refusal link in the received email.

In addition to these terms and conditions, the legal relations arising from the purchase of products from the e-store are regulated by the Law of Obligations Act (hereinafter VÕS), the Consumer Protection Act (hereinafter TKS) and other legislation in force in the Republic of Estonia.

E-shop ordering process

The buyer adds the desired products to the shopping cart.

To place an order, the buyer presses the «Pay Now» button on the Shopping Cart page or the information button that displays the contents of the shopping cart.

The buyer checks his/her data (Name, Email and Mobile phone number), selects a suitable shipping option, selects a suitable method of payment and checks the purchase amount.

After verifying the accuracy of the data, the Buyer clicks the box “I agree with the seller’s terms” at the bottom of the page and presses the “Pay Now” button.

Delivery of goods

The Buyer can choose the method of delivery of the goods. ROBUS offers different shipping methods depending on the destination country.

ROBUS accepts payments only in Euros (EUR) and offers the following options for paying for the goods through ESTO AS payment gateway:

Estonia: Swedbank, SEB, Luminor, LHV, Coop Pank, Citadele, Revolut
– Latvia: Swedbank, SEB, Citadele, Luminor, Revolut
– Lithuania: Swedbank, SEB, Luminor, Siauliu Bankas, Citadele, Revolut, Medicinos Bankas.
– Finland: Ålandsbanken, Handelsbanken, Nordea, Oma Säästöpankki, OP, POP Pankki, S-Pankki, Säästopankki, Danske, Revolut
– Credit card payments: Visa/Mastercard

ROBUS is the chief processor of personal data, ROBUS forwards the personal data necessary for making payments to the authorized payment processor ESTO AS.

Orders paid in advance by the Buyer in the e-shop will be processed from the moment of receipt on working days 09:00-17:00.

ESTO 3-part SLICE payment method is available for Estonian customers to pay for goods or services – pay for your shopping cart in three equal instalments, without any fees!

Add products to your shopping cart, confirm the order, select ESTO 3 as your payment method, and sign the transaction conveniently using the Smart-ID or Mobile-ID solution, or your ID card.

  • No additional charges will be added, provided that you pay the cost of your shopping cart in full and on time within three months.
  • The monthly instalment amount is calculated by dividing the value of the shopping cart into three equal parts.
  • The minimum shopping cart value to use ESTO 3, is 60 EUR.
  • All citizens of the Republic of Estonia in the age between 18 and 70 may apply for the use of ESTO 3.

Terms and conditions of the ESTO 3 payment method

The provider of the ESTO 3 payment method is ESTO AS. The decision to use this payment method is a financial decision involving risks and obligations, and therefore you are advised to carefully consider your need for any loan products. The annual percentage rate charge of ESTO 3 is 0% on the following model conditions: interest rate 0%, no other fees. 

If you are not able to make the payments in accordance with the schedule of ESTO 3, your ESTO 3 agreement will be terminated and the amount you owe to ESTO AS will be considered a loan withdrawn under an overdraft facility agreement, and the additional charges will apply in accordance with the overdraft facility agreement.

ESTO 3 payment method is provided by ESTO AS.
E-mail: info@esto.ee
Telephone: (+372) 622 52 52

Import duties

Robus is shipped from Estonia, European Union and if the shipping destination is also in the EU, no import duties apply. If the shipping destination is outside the EU, depending on the laws of the destination country, the customer might be subjected to an import tax. If you are unsure, please contact your local tax and customs office. All import duties are the responsibility of the customer.

Withdrawal from the sales contract and return of goods

ROBUS has the right to withdraw from the sales contract concluded via the e-store without sanctions and not to provide the service or to deliver the ordered goods in the following cases:

– Out of stock

– The price or features of the goods have been displayed incorrectly in the e-shop due to an e-shop system error.

If ROBUS is unable to fulfill the order submitted in the e-shop, the Buyer will be notified via the contact telephone or e-mail address provided when ordering within 2 working days. The advance payment paid by the Buyer will be refunded within 3 working days, unless otherwise agreed with the Buyer.

In case of non-conformity or defect of the goods, the Buyer has the right to demand from ROBUS to replace the goods with compliant and/or defective goods. The purchased goods cannot be returned if they have been manufactured taking into account the personal needs of the Buyer and in accordance with the conditions provided by the Buyer.

ROBUS is not responsible for defects in the goods caused by:

– due to use not in accordance with the instructions and/or recommendations;

– due to damage caused intentionally or unintentionally by the Buyer;

In the case of consumer sales, the relevant provisions of the Law of Obligations Act apply to the withdrawal from the sales contract and the return of a non-compliant product. The buyer must send a free-form application to the ROBUS e-mail address info@robusathletics.com within 14 working days of receiving the goods. The free-form application must contain information about the returned goods, the reason for the return and the order number.

In case of return of non-compliant goods, the amount paid for the goods will be transferred to the Buyer’s bank account (same as the one from which the order was originally paid) no later than 5 days after the returned goods have reached ROBUS.

If, after the return of the goods, the inspection of the condition of the goods by ROBUS has revealed that the goods to be returned have been used or their condition has deteriorated, ROBUS has the right to decline the reimbursement of the goods.

In the case of credit card payments, refunds will only be made to the same card from which the payment was made.

The customer confirms

In order to purchase from the ROBUS e-store, the customer confirms that he/she uses the purchased products only for the intended purpose and complies with all safety requirements, including but not limited to the following:

1. The customer has read the subsection “Getting started: safety and tips” in the ROBUS app and studied the videos there.

2. Before each workout, the customer makes sure that the resistance bands are in good condition. Working out with damaged bands is not allowed.

3. Before each workout, the customer makes sure that the door anchor band is in good condition. Working out with a door anchor with a damaged band is not allowed.

4. The door anchor shall only be used in the intended way, making sure among other things, that it is firmly and stably attached and the door does not open during training.

The customer understands that he/she uses the ROBUS training equipment at his/her own risk.


Robus Athletic OÜ („Robus“) extends the following Limited Warranty, which applies only to non-commercial, in-home, indoor use of the GymBars, Door Anchor and Resistance Bands. Any other use of the GymBars, Door Anchor and Resistance Bands shall void the Limited Warranty. This warranty only applies to new units sold directly by Robus. During the applicable Limited Warranty periods described below, the covered items will be free of defects during normal use. Certain exclusions apply, as further described below.

The Limited Warranty applies only against defects discovered within the applicable Limited Warranty period and only so long as the Robus GymBars, Door Anchor and Resistance Bands remains in the possession of the original purchaser.

GymBars: One Year

Robus warrants the GymBars against defects in workmanship and materials for a period of 1 year from the date of original delivery.

GymBars Aluminium: Ten Years 

Robus warrants the GymBars against defects in workmanship and materials for a period of 10 years from the date of original delivery.

Door AnchorSix Months                                                        

Robus warrants the Door Anchor against defects in workmanship and materials for a period of six months from the date of original delivery.  

Resistance Bands: Three Months

Robus warrants the Robus Resistance Bands against defects in workmanship and materials for a period of 3 months from the date of original delivery.         


Who and what is covered: 

  • The original owner of the Robus GymBars, GymBars Aluminium, Door Anchor and Resistance Bands. The aforementioned items must remain in the possession of the original purchaser. This Limited Warranty is not transferable.
  • If a defect arises in the Robus GymBars, GymBars Aluminium, Door Anchor and Resistance Bands within the applicable Limited Warranty period, the purchaser’s sole and exclusive remedy is for Robus to, at Robus’ discretion to the extent permitted by law, either replace or repair the defective Robus GymBars, Door Anchor and Resistance bands with the same or a comparable item.
  • Any replacement or repaired item shall be warranted for the remainder of the original Limited Warranty period or 30 days, whichever is longer, or for any additional period that is required by applicable law.

What is NOT covered: 

  • Any other Robus products or services, non-Robus products or labor, units that are, or that Robus reasonably believes to be counterfeit, or purchased from an unauthorized distributor or reseller.
  • Damage or equipment failure due to normal wear and tear, improper or negligent use, maintenance, installationor relocation of Robus GymBars, Door Anchor and Resistance Bands.
  • Damage or equipment failure due to accident, abuse, improper or abnormal use, neglect, corrosion, discoloration of paint, rubber, fabric or plastic (or any other change in cosmetic appearance that does not affect performance), theft, vandalism, and Force Majeure.
  • Incidental or consequential damages. Robus is not responsible or liable for indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages, including injury, economic loss, loss of property or profits, loss of enjoyment or use, or other consequential damages of any nature whatsoever in connection with the purchase, use, repair or maintenance of Robus items. 

How to exercise warranty 

To be eligible for this Limited Warranty you must contact the Robus Customer Support team at info@robusathletics.com. You will be asked to provide Robus with a proof of purchase upon discovering any nonconformity or defect. Claims must be made within specified warranty period.

Any disputes between you and Robus related to this Limited Warranty or the Robus GymBars, Door Anchor and Resistance Bands will be governed by the then-current dispute resolution procedures in Robus’ Terms of Service.


ROBUS might offer discount codes or general discounts. If not clearly stated otherwise, promotions, discounts and discount codes can not be added up and only the discount with the most monetary benefit for the customer will activate.


ROBUS shall be liable to the Buyer and the Buyer shall be liable to ROBUS for the damage caused to the other party by the violation of these terms and conditions in the cases and to the extent provided by the legislation in force in the Republic of Estonia.

Disputes arising between ROBUS and the Buyer when purchasing products from the e-store will be resolved through negotiations. If no agreement is reached, the Buyer has the right to apply to the Harju County Court for protection of his rights or submit a complaint to the Consumer Complaints Commission through the Consumer Protection Board. Contacting the Commission is free of charge for the consumer and the value of the transaction must be more than 20 euros. The consumer may lodge a complaint himself or through a representative. The data of the Consumer Protection Commission are presented on the website of the Consumer Protection Board, in order to solve the problems arising in the Member States of the European Union, please contact the European Consumer Center.

Robus Athletics account registration

In order to access the Services, you’ll need to register for a Robus Athletics account and have a valid subscription and/or a free trial.

All information that you provide when opening an account must be accurate and up to date, including your name, address, credit or debit card numbers and expiration dates, and any other payment information. You must notify us about any changes, if your payment method is cancelled or if you become aware of a potential breach of security such as the unauthorised disclosure or use of your username or password.

You agree that you will take all steps necessary to protect your login details and keep them secret. You agree that you will not share your details or allow someone else to use your account. If you do not keep your login details secret, or if you share your account or details with someone else, you accept full responsibility for the consequences (including being charged for additional subscriptions).

Purchasing class passes & free trials

You can purchase a class pass directly in our app at www.robusathletics.com.

We accept payment from the payment options shown at checkout, including Visa and Mastercard. We reserve the right to check the accuracy and validity of the payment method used, including its credit status in relation to the order value. We may refuse orders depending on the result of these checks.

We reserve the right to change our prices at any time. Prices of class passes may vary depending on the type of pass and the country where you are located.

If the credit card that you use to pay is denominated in a currency other than EURO (EUR), you acknowledge that you may be charged additional administrative and/or currency conversion fees by the applicable bank or service provider, for which you will be responsible.

From time to time, we may ourselves or through our partners offer free trials to new users. Each person is entitled to no more than one free trial. 

If during the free trial sign up you choose a subscription and provide payment details to us, you will automatically be charged for the stated price of the chosen subscription. 

Renewals, Cancellations & Refunds 

After signing up, your free trial starts when clicking “Yes, I have received my GymBars” button in the ROBUS app. If you choose not to purchase a class pass after the trial ends, you will not be charged, but may lose access to selected ROBUS services. We reserve the right to choose what and if any services remain open for registered accounts with no active subscription plan.  

We may offer discounts during the free trial period. If you choose to opt in to any of such plans, you will be charged immediately, your trial ends, and your paid plan starts. 

Class passes are non-refundable and there is no right to refunds or credits unless required by law.

Your class pass will not automatically renew.

ROBUS reserves the right to change the Terms and conditions without prior notice.

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