GymBars Full Set (Special Offer!)

GymBars Full Set includes:

  • 1x GymBars (pair) – made of durable glass fibre reinforced polymer
  • 1x Door anchor – made of military grade webbing
  • 1x No1 resistance band 7 kg (5-15 lb)
  • 1x No2 resistance band 12 kg (10-25 lb)
  • 1x No3 resistance band 55 kg (100-120 lb) – Special Offer
  • Permanent FREE access to our exercise video guide
  • 3 months of FREE access to all of the platform features (NB! Single exercise videos remain free forever!)

NB! Due to high demand, please allow for slightly longer dispatch times. We’ll ship out orders on ‘first come’ basis, but no later than 3 working days after the purchase. But we promise – it’s worth the wait!



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GymBars Full Set – an ultraportable workout system with gym-like results

Professional gym equipment mainly differs from consumer-grade alternatives by how durable they are, how they feel to hold and how comfortable they are to train with. GymBars bring the same professional look, feel and toughness to your home workouts, by closely emulating high quality dumbbells.

  • Made of extremely tough glass fiber reinforced polymer that can withtstand anything you throw at them
  • Very light in weight for maximum portability
  • The end caps protect your hands from rubbing against the resistance bands
  • It’s curved inner walls are steep enough to prevent the resistance bands from slipping, yet smooth enough to not damage them.
  • Taking one band out and slipping another in, only takes a couple of seconds; equal to racking a set of dumbbells and picking a new pair up

Robus resistance bands are a room full of weights that easily fit into a small bag.

Resistance bands have shown, in multiple scientific studies, to be equal in efficiancy to free weights.

Robus bands are made of top quality natural latex, using a continuous layer-dipping method, which gives them superior quality and longevity over regular molded bands; allowing them to not snap unexpectedly while under tension.


5 / 5

Anthony Morse

The Robus Athletic GymBars take Resistance Band training to the next level! I am blown away with how comfortable and solid the GymBars feel in my hands. And the fact that they are so light means I can take them with me wherever I go!


Just received mine. These are awesome! I'd say a must-have for anyone training with bands in any way or form. I think gyms should also have these as part of their equipment as many gyms have resistance bands. 💪💪💪


The GymBars are 100% superior to any other portable fitness device I have used and I’m super impressed


Bought the robus gym and used it a couple of times. Just have to say GOOD work. Not in my wildess fantasy i thought that it could replace the whole gym. Im a home training person and this is going to help me alot with the muscles you cant reach with your own bodyweight. Thanks!


I actually really love my Robus bars, it's been so nice being able to just grab them and get a quick workout. Really really happy to have gotten a pair.


I bought it as one of your customers via Kickstarter. It is such a good product and your GymBars are a gamechanger using resistance bands.


The best thing about Robus is its portability. I can really bring it anywhere I go and it’s a great alternative to the ‘no equipment’ YouTube workouts that I usually do.


Really, that was above and beyond and now you’re one of my favourite companies. well played! Now I’m like a walking advertisement for you


The package has arrived. The bands are amazing! Thanks a lot :)


I placed an order for a Gym Bar Set the other week. It arrived and I was very pleased with the simple packaging and the utility of the equipment included. Yesterday, I completed a calm yet focused workout, recommended on your website and hosted by Elisabeth. Thank you very much for a wonderful alternative/supplement to working out in a formal gymnasium. Continued success to you all!


Mikk you have changed the way i exercise its a fantastic product!!! well done!


Hey there - yesterday we (my wife and me) received our package - i must say - IT IS AWESOME 💪 - i am addicted right now 🙈 - Greetings from Germany - Philipp


Absolutely love my robus. Changed my life 🌟💯 Thank you 🙏

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