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GymBars Full Set

The Robus GymBars Full Set includes:


  • 1x GymBars (pair) – made of glass fibre reinforced polymer
  • 1x Door anchor – made of military grade webbing
  • 1x No. 1 resistance band 7 kg (5-15 lb)
  • 1x No. 2 resistance band 12 kg (10-25 lb)
  • 1x No. 3 resistance band 55 kg (100-120 lb)
  • Warranty
  • Permanent FREE access to our Exercise Vault
  • Free 60-day access to workouts (worth 36€)
  • 60-day Money Back guarantee

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60-Day Money Back guarantee
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Founder's promise

60-day Money Back guarantee

We’re so confident that you’ll experience great results with working out on the Robus GymBars that we offer a 60-day Money-Back guarantee.

When purchasing a Full Set, you also gain free 60-day access to the Robus Hybrid Athlete workout app, available on iOS, Android, and PC. Simply follow our continuously updated video workouts two to three times a week for 60 days, and if you are not satisfied with the results or user experience, we’ll refund your purchase.


Mikk-Alvar Olle, Founder

Weekly updated follow-along workouts

Free access to the app

  • One new Build, Shred, and Signature on-demand class a week
  • Robus GymBars is the only equipment you need
  • Guaranteed results in 60 days
  • Available on Apple and Android devices, and online.

GymBars Full Set

gym-like results

  • Made of extremely tough glass fiber reinforced polymer that can withtstand anything you throw at them
  • Very light in weight for maximum portability
  • The end caps protect your hands from rubbing against the resistance bands
  • It’s curved inner walls are steep enough to prevent the resistance bands from slipping, yet smooth enough to not damage them.
  • Taking one band out and slipping another in, only takes a couple of seconds; equal to racking a set of dumbbells and picking a new pair up
The Ultimate Carry Bag

Add Jetpack to your Full Set

The Robus Jetpack is designed to keep your GymBars set organised and ready to go for your next workout. Made of durable nylon, it features the hook and loop fasteners for both the GymBars and the door anchor and is big enough to fit all of the Robus bands and a towel!

The Jetpack is manufactured by our partner who also produces kit for the Swedish, Finnish and Estonian armed forces, so expect nothing but the best quality.



Customer reviews

5 out of 5 (based on 8 reviews)
J verified
November 27, 2023
Very pleased

Hi, I’ve had my GymBars set for almost a year now and I’ve been so pleased with your product. Its affordable price and versatility is the reasons why I’ve had to market those to my friends as well. All other home gym equipments have remained unused after GymBars.

L verified
November 9, 2023
LIzzie C.
Gym-level workouts

Quality? Check. Gym-level workouts? Absolutely. GymBars have revolutionized my at-home fitness, and I’m grateful for the time it saves me.

C verified
Very happy so far

I got the GymBars 2 months ago and the workouts have been great. Thanks!

F verified
These are LIGHT

Great product. Amazed how portable the system is and it really does work.

S verified
Soren U
Home gym upgrade

Great addition to my home gym and makes a lot of the gear I already had redundant.

J verified
Compact but powerful

Pleasantly surprised by how compact the GymBars Full Set is. And it really packs a punch.

X verified
Xavier M.
Quality results

Quality results and super convenient. Also, a shoutout to their amazing customer service!

Z verified

A+ product.

The goal of the project is to develop the existing Smart GymBars solution from the TRL5 level to the TRL7 level, simplify the achievement of repeatable measurement results, and move closer to the serial production of the solution. The project is supported by the European Regional Development Fund by €35 000.