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Ultimate full body workout concept

Train like a hybrid athlete. Become one.

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Become a hybrid athlete

Train across modalities with Robus coaches to improve strength, explosiveness, and endurance.


truly addictive

You'll never want to skip a workout

  • One new Build, Shred, and Signature on-demand class a week
  • Robus GymBars is the only equipment you need
  • Guaranteed results

Three new workouts a week

Synergistic set of classes developed to create the ultimate hybrid physique.

  • Build: gain strength and build muscle
  • Shred: burn fat and improve endurance
  • Signature: increase explosiveness
Keep going strong

Consistency is rewarded

Keep your class attendance over 50% to receive 50% discount from your next pass!

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Resistance is key

Built around the GymBars

Robus workouts are built around the GymBars:

  • Progress always requires adding resistance
  • Up to 154 kg of counterweight suits from novices to advanced athletes
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Available on iPhone and Android devices, and online.

All Robus workouts can be accessed on any Apple and Android smartphone, and a computer that has access to the internet.

Exercise vault

Do even more with the exercise vault

Three classes a week aren't enough? Then get inspired by our Exercise Vault and put together your own workout sessions!

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From only €1,99 / class

The goal of the project is to develop the existing Smart GymBars solution from the TRL5 level to the TRL7 level, simplify the achievement of repeatable measurement results, and move closer to the serial production of the solution. The project is supported by the European Regional Development Fund by €35 000.