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Robus Athletics reviews & feedback

We understand that before making the decision of buying Robus Athletics Gymbars you might be interested of hearing others’ feedback. Here you go, we’re sharing some reviews here and please feel free to write us directly if you have any further questions. Also, you may check our first Kickstarter campaign and comments here.

Robus Athletics Full Set reviews

Anthony Morse (History Channel’s TV presenter / Travel Host / Photographer) – The Robus Athletics GymBars take Resistance Band training to the next level! I am blown away with how comfortable and solid the GymBars feel in my hands. And the fact that they are so light means I can take them with me wherever I go!

Miika – Just received mine. These are awesome! I’d say a must-have for anyone training with bands in any way or form. I think gyms should also have these as part of their equipment as many gyms have resistance bands. 

Sophie – The best thing about Robus is its portability. I can really bring it anywhere I go and it’s a great alternative to the ‘no equipment’ YouTube workouts that I usually do.

Paul – The GymBars are 100% superior to any other portable fitness device I have used and I’m super impressed.

Jonathan – I placed an order for a Gym Bar Set the other week. It arrived and I was very pleased with the simple packaging and the utility of the equipment included. Yesterday, I completed a calm yet focused workout, recommended on your website and hosted by Elisabeth. Thank you very much for a wonderful alternative/supplement to working out in a formal gymnasium. Continued success to you all!

Ananias – Bought the Robus Gym and used it a couple of times already. Just have to say GOOD work. Not in my wildest fantasy I thought that it could replace the whole gym. Im a home training person and this is going to help me alot with the muscles you cant reach with your own bodyweight. Thanks!

Silver – The package arrived & the Jetpack looks awesome. The Gymbars & bands are amazing! Thanks a lot 🙂

Myk – Mikk you have changed the way i exercise its a fantastic product!!! well done!

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Robus Athletics carry bag Jetpack reviews

Robus carry bag Jetpack helps you to bring your Robus Full Set anywhere in style. Made of durable nylon and big enough to fit all of the Robus bands, the GymBars and a towel.

Liz – Long waited product 🙂 To be honest I struggled to find proper bag to store the Full Set between the exercises.

Daniel – Just received mine and wanted to say that what a cool name you came up with. Much waited product development. Keep up the good work!

Trustpilot reviews

Robus Athletics team agrees with Trustpilot Founder and CEO, Peter Holten Mühlmann who said: “Over 4 million reviews are written on Trustpilot each month, with millions of people around the world viewing what their peers are saying about their personal experiences with businesses. These points of view really matter to us all—they guide us and help us all to shop and buy services with greater confidence.”

We in Robus also believe in transparency of reviews and that’s why we are using Trustpilot platform. Please, feel free to follow the Trustpilot link and see what our current customers have to say about us.

Next review is in Swedish 🇸🇪 Cheers to all our Robus fans in Sweden!

And hello to all Robus Athletics friends in Denmark! 🇩🇰

Kickstarter campaign comments

Mike – Received my order today!! Thank you Mikk The most drama free campaign I have backed so far 🙏🏻

Markus Adam – I have just received mine, and I really like the handles. Nice touch, right size and everything.

Christian – I have just received mine, and I really like the handles. Nice touch, right size and everything.

Lakoa – A big compliment to the team! This campaign is being handled in an exemplary manner. Fast response time, regular updates, and presumably quick order fulfillment.

Philip – You made my day, Mikk! You have no idea how excited I am that I could do that; and then some. It feels like eternity waiting for my Pledge to arrive at my door somehow soon here! Now, when can we have access to your “videos” (edit: Robus Athletics Workout section is now LIVE). Again, I am massively/extremely excited that I can hang from a tree branch/trunk to get my workout done anywhere anytime outdoors without having to smell the horrible gyms somewhere. I can be more creative in the long run outdoors than in the smelly gyms that I will not—thank God—attend any more—if you know what I mean.

Ismael – It would be a great idea to add a little minimalist travel bag with the brand name, to the exact size of the complete equipment or only for GymBars and door anchor, to go to the beach, put in the suitcase. Edit: Robus Athletics carry bag Jetpack was launched 🚀

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Could the “Resistance Bands” get frayed somewhat over time in the long run and snap apart by rubbing themselves against the edges of the “Aluminium Bars” somehow? If they do, things could get really ugly—and for that matter—very dangerous, indeed—if you know what I mean. That said, one solution would have been to have had the “edges” of the aluminium bars rounded somehow instead of being straight as the bars appear to be in the images, and the videos thereof—if you know what I mean.
A: What moves, eventually wears out. This is true with the bands as well. Now, the edges of the GymBars are in fact rounded to minimise the wear (but steep enough to keep the bands in place) and the bands are manufactured, using layer dipping method to ensure maximum lifespan.
That being said, it’s important to check the bands before every workout to discover any possible damage early on.

Q: I ordered the GymBars and door anchor. The bars are 👌. However, be forewarned about the door anchor ⚓. It may pop out when using the anchor underneath a door. It works fine anchoring top and side of door. Not so much at bottom. And I would say the gap from the floor to bottom of my bedroom door is pretty standard. Half a inch or so.
A: The diameter of the door anchor is 2,5 cm (0,99 inch) and when the gap between the floor and the bottom of the door is very similar in height, this may occur – especially when the floor is carpeted. Increasing the door anchor in size would add considerable bulk and weight to it and could make the more common anchoring points (top and side) impossible to use in some instances. Still, your feedback is very valuable and we’ll think about the solution to this.

Q: Hi! Could you do tests to see how much GymBars can support until it bends? I know you tested 150KG but is possible test more? Because I have more bands and I am afraid that the product will be harmed, I do not want to use my product to test the limit. I think it is important to know the maximum limit to get the most out of it.
A: We officially state that the GymBars are good for at least 152kg, as we have done the tests to confirm that. During those tests, the GymBars did not show any signs of potential failure. We are planning to do additional tests, but can’t give you a deadline as of today.

Q: Are the bands layered so that they are more durable than regular molded bands?
A: Yes, the bands are layered.

Q: It is more effective for the muscles to use GymBars? I currently use gloves with the resistance bands. Or is it just for more comfort?
A: The GymBars add stability and comfort. Using gloves usually works up to a certain point before they start to rub and become very uncomfortable. This in turn means that you won’t be able to properly concentrate on the last reps of the exercise – which ultimately means slower progress. I would say that the jump in efficiency from gloves to GymBars is as big as the jump from bare resistance bands to gloves.

The goal of the project is to develop the existing Smart GymBars solution from the TRL5 level to the TRL7 level, simplify the achievement of repeatable measurement results, and move closer to the serial production of the solution. The project is supported by the European Regional Development Fund by €35 000.