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Arm workout with resistance bands

There are multiple advantages of using resistance band exercises, as they do not require any additional weights for exercising. Resistance bands are also a great tool for strength training or in case of recovery from an injury. What’s more? They entail less chance of injury, compared to using constant weights. The bands are easy to use and versatile, and you can train at your own pace. Before diving into arm workout with resistance bands, there are some “good to knows”.

Why choose arm workout with resistance bands?

Resistance band arm exercises help to build strength but they also raise the mobility and flexibility of the upper body. Specific moves can loosen up stressed shoulders and reduce tension after a sitting job. Resistance bands are also a perfect travel tool while on the go, fitting easily to the suitcase, without adding further weight, and enabling to take your workouts anywhere. They can help people of all ages and levels to get stronger.

You can use resistance bands for fitness goals and to build arm muscles. Sceptical? Don’t be. Resistance bands can get your arm muscles to work just as well as dumbbells, shows research published in the Journal of Human Kinetics.

Resistance band arm workout will target all of your upper-body muscle groups – biceps, triceps, shoulders, back and chest – and score a well-balanced burn. The greater the resistance, the more energy you’ll burn. Your arm muscles are under constant tension with resistance bands, working harder with each rep. The bands provide greater muscle stimulus, core activation, and variety of exercise options. The bands are perfect equipment to sculpting amazing arms and to tone up your backside!

Good to know before resistance band arm workout

To complete the resistance band arm exercises, you need at least one band. You can use very light or lighter resistance in the beginning of your training, instead of stronger strength-building bands. For example Robus Athletics has bands with 4 different resistance levels: No1 resistance band 7 kg (5-15 lb), No2 resistance band 12 kg (10-25 lb), No3 resistance band 55 kg (100-120 lb), No4 resistance band 80 kg (120-175 lb).

*Pro tip* With Robus GymBars you may stack bands, generating up to 150 kg of resistance.
*Pro-pro tip* There are also hand-crafted Robus Aluminium GymBars.

For practical workout, we will provide instructions to 4 resistance band exercises for an arm workout. Perform each exercise for 3 rounds of 10-12 reps, resting between sets is 15 seconds and between exercises 30 seconds. It’s good to know that if you’re doing 10 reps of an exercise, the last two should feel difficult. Meanwhile, if the tension feels too easy, you should move to a heavier band. You can also find video tutorials from Robus Video platform.

Resistance band arm exercises – do like this and you’re going to excel!

1. Standing Bicep Curls

·         Stand with your feet hip width apart, band under your feet and hold one end of the resistance band in each hand.

·         Stand straight, chest up and shoulders back.

·      Curl your hands towards your shoulders, squeezing biceps and keeping elbows next to your sides. The movement should come from elbows and not from your shoulders.

·         Slowly release arms back down to starting position.

2. Tricep Kickback

·         Stand with you left foot ahead of your right, so you’re in a staggered stance, and loop the resistance band under your left foot. Hold one end of the band in each hand.

·         Bend your left knee, lean forward, back straight. Bend elbows to 90 degrees, placing your arms close to your sides.

·         Now extend your arms from the elbows only. Try to keep the rest of your arms still, the movement should come only from elbows not from your shoulders.

·         Return to the starting position.

3. Single arm tricep over head press

·         Stand with your feet together and hold one end of the band in your left hand. Meanwhile, hold your left hand at your back so your elbow is bent.

·         Reach behind you and take the other end of the band with your right hand; meanwhile, hold your right hand at shoulder height in the middle.

·         Extend your right arm straight above your head, stretching the band and using your triceps. Re-bend your right arm and slowly return to shoulder height with your hand moving behind your head.

·         Do all reps on one side and repeat on the other.

4. Banded Triceps Press-Up

·         Take the starting position on your knees, bring the band around the middle of your back and hold one end with each hand.

·         Place your hands on the floor and push up to make the resistance band tense.

·         Keep your elbows as close to your body as possible and lower your chest almost to the floor – push back up. You can keep your knees on the ground to make it easier or go up on your toes. If there’s not enough resistance, shorten the length of the band between your foot and hand.

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If you you are looking for arm workout video tutorials then visit our Robus Video platform exercise vault.

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