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Mikk’s Tips

How to stay fit when travelling – 5 tips from Robus Athletics CEO Mikk

Staying fit while traveling can be a big struggle. I often hear people complaining about vacations ruining their physical fitness. But if you’ve been spending weeks and months before your holiday training and eating healthy to feel (and look!) better and stronger, why abandon that hard work the minute you reach your holiday destination? 

So, stay tuned as I’m going to share some sure-fire ways how you can stay fit while on your holiday. 

Tip number 1: Healthy eating – Eat the same breakfast.

Always try to have the same breakfast as you would normally do back home. In my case, I usually start the day with some fresh fruit, oatmeal and scrambled eggs. That’s why I typically choose Airbnb over big hotels, as I know how hard It is to slip at the crazy big breakfast tables. The pastries, the hams, and cheeses. So easy to start a day with a meal that is over a thousand calories, when you have so many options. When you control what you eat in the morning, you still have room for a “cheat meal” during the day.  

Tip number 2: Pack your gym with you.

It’s unlikely you want to spend hours of your vacation in a gym. And depending on the destination, there may not even be a gym.  

So, if you’re a person with a plan of staying fit, Robus Athletics comes in handy. 

I have always been a health and fitness fanatic, and I created Robus GymBars based on my needs. I was adamant that the solution should equal an actual gym experience and not come at the expense of sacrificing results. With Robus GymBars, I can be flexible and independent with my trainings, and the best part – they are available 24 hours per day. 

Tip number 3: Work out. Even just for 15 minutes.

I work out every single day. The only difference is that in my holiday destinations I keep my workouts short – only 15 minutes daily. And you know what? That is enough to keep me in shape. 

I usually either wake up early or commit to a short workout pre-dinner. The good feeling afterwards is always a true mood booster.  Here you can find a list of 51 full-body exercises you can do anywhere.

My holiday 15-minute workout.

1. Resistance band push-ups + knee tucks. 4 sets of 10 reps (30-sec rest) 

2. Step back lunges + lateral raises + air jumps. 4 sets of 16 reps + 10 jumps. (30-sec rest) 

3. Alternate hand rows – underhand grip. 4 sets of 16 reps (30-sec rest) 

Tip number 4: Master your mindset.

Getting fit and being healthy long-term is all about mastering your mindset. One of the things I like to do on my vacations is to give a proper workout for my mind. I try to add reading or writing or journaling to my daily routine. This ups the quality of my vacation, and helps to stick to my bigger goals.  

Tip number 5: Quality over quantity.

Chances are that you want to have a drink during the vacation. My trick is to always choose quality over quantity. As quality costs usually more, it controls the amount of the alcohol you’ll consume. So instead choose dry champagne to enjoy rather than a lot of sugary mixed drinks.  

And remember the most important part – to enjoy your vacation! You don’t need to set a new personal best while traveling. You just need to maintain all the hard work and progress you’ve made at home.  

The goal of the project is to develop the existing Smart GymBars solution from the TRL5 level to the TRL7 level, simplify the achievement of repeatable measurement results, and move closer to the serial production of the solution. The project is supported by the European Regional Development Fund by €35 000.